Unison i3X

Unison i3x, a portfolio company of Ideation3x, was formed in 2020 to support the governments “Clean India Mission” Through our partnership with Cube Bio Energy, Unison i3x is our ISWM business that engages in the clearing up of legacy waste from landfills through scientifically proven waste management practices such as recovery, bio-mining, treating and conversion to useful products.

What we do

Land Remediation
– clearing up of landfills
Lower GHG emissions
– reduced methane production from landfill fires
Reducing vector borne diseases
– Through better water and land sanitation

Our Services

Our company provides comprehensive waste management services that include waste segregation, bio mining, and waste processing after bio-mining. We are dedicated to creating environmentally sustainable solutions, promoting resource recovery, and minimizing landfill waste.

  • Waste Segregation: Our waste segregation services are designed to separate waste materials into distinct categories, such as organic, recyclable, and hazardous waste. Our trained professionals use advanced techniques and equipment to efficiently sort and segregate waste, ensuring proper disposal or recycling methods are employed.
  • Bio mining: As part of our waste management solutions, we offer biomining services that utilize microorganisms to extract valuable materials from waste. This innovative process is environmentally friendly and helps recover resources, such as metals and minerals, from various waste streams. Biomining reduces the environmental impact of traditional mining methods and contributes to a circular economy.
  • Waste Processing Post-Bio mining: Once the biomining process is complete, residual waste material is still present. Our post-bio mining waste processing services focus on further treatment and disposal of these remnants. We employ advanced technologies, such as thermal treatment, composting, and anaerobic digestion, to transform the residual waste into useful products or energy. This approach minimizes landfill waste and contributes to a sustainable waste management system.

How we apply the circular
economy principles

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