Medical Innovation

Medical Innovation, a portfolio company of Unison i3x was formed in 2019 and pioneers in providing Waste Management Solutions through the Design, Construct, Operate & Maintain of garbage transfer stations

What we offer

Waste collection
Treatment- waste process
Waste transportation


Our company provides comprehensive waste management services by providing comprehensive and sustainable waste management solutions, we are dedicated to creating a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for all.

  • Transfer Station for Waste Management: At our state-of-the-art transfer stations, waste is offloaded from trucks and undergoes primary segregation. Our well-trained staff carefully sort materials like plastic waste, while the remaining waste is prepared for further processing. This method diverts waste from landfills, prioritizing resource recovery and promoting a circular economy.
  • Hyva Waste Compression Machine: The cutting-edge Hyva waste compression machines are utilized at our facility to efficiently compact solid waste while simultaneously extracting leachate from wet waste. The compressed waste is then packaged and prepared for transport to our specialized processing facilities.
  • Compressed Waste Ready for Processing: The compressed waste packages, now ready for further treatment, are sent to our advanced processing facilities. Here, the waste is recycled and converted into alternative fuels or other valuable resources, emphasizing our commitment to sustainable waste management practices.

Benefits of
Transfer Stations

  • Leachate Treatment: Our waste management services include the effective treatment of leachate, a liquid byproduct generated from wet waste. By utilizing advanced technology, such as the Hyva waste compression machines, we efficiently separate and treat leachate, ensuring it does not contaminate soil or water sources. This process contributes to a cleaner environment and protects local ecosystems.
  • Cleared Landfill: Our commitment to waste diversion from landfills is evident in our comprehensive waste management approach. Through primary segregation at transfer stations and the processing of compressed waste at specialized facilities, we minimize the amount of waste sent to landfills. This practice not only conserves valuable land resources but also reduces environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Processing Facility: Our state-of-the-art processing facilities are designed to handle waste effectively and sustainably. With a focus on primary segregation and compressed packaging, these facilities ensure waste materials are efficiently sorted and prepared for recycling or conversion into alternative fuels. By utilizing advanced technologies and innovative processes, we strive to create a more sustainable waste management system that promotes resource recovery and reduces environmental impact.

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